If you have been savvy enough to invest in a high quality driveway for your property, then, more often than not, the characteristics that make it a good and effective driveway are taken for granted. When a driveway isn’t up to par, its flaws and problems tend to stick out like a sore thumb. So, in order to make sure that you don’t fall foul of any problems and avoid subsequent inconveniences and difficulties, let’s highlight the factors that you should always look for when considering getting a new driveway.


A good driveway blends in with its surroundings and complements the property it sits upon. Bold geometric and block designs go well with newer properties whereas curves or half circle drives suit older types of buildings. Appropriate use of materials, shape and colour will also have been taken into consideration. At the same time, the design will have taken into account the property’s immediate surroundings, so as to ensure that the materials used and the overall look of the driveway do not impact negatively on neighbouring properties.

From a safety perspective, aspects such as ensuring visibility is not restricted when the driver gets into a car are considered, particularly if the driveway is for a home where small children and family pets are present. Hard standing areas for family vehicles as well as zones for camper trailers or bicycles will have been thought about, as will other outdoor spaces for recreational use.


If your home is situated on a slope, then the design of a good driveway takes this into account, and ensures that water running off its surface is angled away from the house and towards any drainage points. A good driveway will also allow access to any utility points because a proper survey of the land has been carried out prior to the drive being constructed. In addition, appropriate graded access to the roadway will be part of a good driveway as well.

The overall finish of a good driveway should be to a high standard. Any and all edgings should be in place, and there should not be any holes or uneven points that might cause trips, slips or falls as this should be a safe area to walk and drive upon. A high quality finish usually also indicates that a good substrate and appropriate materials and methods have been used to prepare the ground for a new driveway.


A driveway takes a lot of wear and tear so good driveways need to be made from high quality materials that are durable and easy to maintain. A great way to ensure this is by engaging only a trusted and experienced driveway professional to do the job. A good driveway should be worth your investment, meaning it should keep on looking great over a long period of time, and not just for the first few weeks.