6 Fun Ways You Can Transform Your Driveway Into A Spring Oasis

Spring is here. The warmer weather is bringing smiles to people around Melbourne and inviting them outdoors. Spring is the perfect season to start putting your front yard in order and turning it – along with your Melbourne concrete driveway – into a fun little oasis for people to enjoy the sight of. Not only will it look amazing, but it will also be a fun project for you to do. So, without further ado, here are six fun ways you can transform your driveway into a spring oasis – as presented to you by the concrete driveway specialists at A Better Driveway.

1.   Put an arch in

This is one of the best things that you can do to your driveway because there are so many different options. You can commission a large arch made of concrete/stone or just purchase or make a timber or plastic arch. It will feel great driving through it, but it will also look great to your neighbours and people passing by. You can decorate the arch as well with fairy lights or grow vines around it – depending on what style you’ve gone with. Smaller archers may also fit in if you have footpaths in your front lawn.


2.   A water feature

Now, the water feature won’t actually go in the middle of the driveway – but beside it. A water feature – such as a water fountain – is always a sure way to attract attention to a yard and give it a bit of character. You can make your own or opt to purchase something a bit fancier. You can never go wrong with a water feature in your yard. You can go one step further and put some fish in the fountain if it’s big enough – just don’t forget to feed them!


3.   Make use of that tree

If you have a large, sturdy tree growing in your yard with a strong trunk sticking out then you can attach a small swing to it. Paint the swing a bright, pastel colour like cyan or pink (or even better, something that matches the rest of your house and yard) and tie it to the trunk. Be sure to test the trunk first to make sure it can actually hold someone’s weight.


4.   Flowerbed border

Moving back to your Melbourne concrete driveway, hedging the lawn beside the concrete and turning it into a distinctive border is a brilliant idea. You can put a miniature, physical border there or even just turn it into a long flowerbed. There are a variety of small flowers and plants that you can place to act as a colourful and different border.


5.   Put in posts

Bordering your driveway with posts is a unique idea and has the potential to be host to many different ideas. For example, you could hang potted plants from them or lamps to guide the way in the evening. Fairy lights could be hung up between the posts to form a colourful web above you – the order in which you hang the lights is entirely up to you.


6.   Outdoor furnishings

It’s easy to furnish an outdoor area, but if the only available area to furnish is out in the sun then you might have to opt for something a little different. Try a stone couch or nook that you can add removable cushions too. That way, the prolonged exposure of the sun and rain won’t destroy the fabric furniture. You can put in a large umbrella as well for some shade when you know you’re going to be using it a lot.


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