Important Safety Tips for Your Driveway

During the summer months, it’s likely that your children will be taking every opportunity to play outside, so it’s important to enforce some driveway safety strategies.  We’ve come up with a few ways for you to improve your driveway’s safety this summer.

driveway safety

Educate your children on driveway safety

It’s really important to talk about driveway safety with your kids to make sure they understand the dangers of playing near moving vehicles. Explain to your kids that they always need to be careful around cars, even if they are parked, and remind them not to play near or in between cars in your driveway. If a family member or guest is leaving your house, choose a dedicated area like the veranda or front porch for them to wave goodbye from ­­– where they are clearly visible to the driver.

Supervise your kids

If you have young children, it is essential to supervise them whenever cars are moving in or out of your driveway. Even if your children are older and are aware of the potential dangers of standing or playing in the driveway, remember that they can still forget safety rules from time to time, so it is important to supervise them whenever possible.

Create a safe play area

Children love to play outdoors, so to prevent them from playing in the driveway it’s a good idea to create a designated play area somewhere else in your front yard. Consider installing a swing, cubby house or sandpit somewhere in your front yard to encourage your children to play away from the driveway.

Choose a car with good rear visibility

Although it’s a significant investment, buying a car with added visibility is important for your children’s safety. Look at models with features like reverse cameras, reverse parking sensors and large rear windows so that you can make sure the coast is clear before reversing out of your driveway.

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