How to Save Space Around the Home

Whether you need to create extra space around the home for practical reasons, or you just want to create a more open look, there are many ways you can maximise the surface area of each room. Read on for some great space saving ideas that are not only practical, but also very on trend.

space saving

Make use of nooks and under stair space

Instead of lamenting over how the nooks in your home take up unnecessary space, transform them into areas you can actually use. Use corners to create cosy reading spaces or chill out zones, or even for smart storage. The same goes for the space under your stair case, which is a great place to store household items and could even be used to house a small daybed or study area.

A lot can be done with high ceilings

When looking to create space around your home, don’t just look at your floor space, look up! If your house features enviably high ceilings (as many older properties around Melbourne do), make use of these by adding in a loft space which can be used as a bedroom, study or an extra living space. The great thing about lofts is that you can still use all the space underneath them, so you could even create a loft about your kitchen or loungeroom.

In-built storage is the way to go

Instead of buying storage items like shelves and cabinets, build them into your existing walls. Shelves that cover an entire wall are great for book lovers – they save on space, create order, and act as an interesting focal point within a room. Floor to ceiling shelves are also great for storing seasonal items such as winter cushions and blankets, all you need is a sturdy ladder for access. For even more space saving storage ideas, try fixing staggered hooks to unused walls, adding drawers and racks to kitchen islands, and opting for bed frames with in-build drawers.

Utilise your driveway and turn your garage into a room

If you often find yourself parking your car in the driveway as opposed to the garage, then maybe it’s time to repurpose your garage. An unused garage can be turned into an extra bedroom or granny flat – great for families who often have guests over, or have adult children living with them – as well as a home office, or even a bar! Before undertaking the conversion, you’ll need to make sure your driveway is suitable as a permanent parking spot.

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