Building a new driveway? Be aware that there are a number of factors that could affect the final cost of getting your new driveway properly installed, and you will need to factor these in before you finalise your budget and proceed with engaging a driveway expert. That being said, a professional and experienced driveway installation company will also be more than happy to discuss any of these factors with you, so don’t be afraid to ask as many questions as you need.


Look at where you want your driveway to go, and really think about what is in the ground, particularly if your driveway is a new design and build. A key consideration for many people looking to install a new driveway from scratch is the existing drainage channels that might be underneath. If this is the case for you, then you will need to factor in the cost of protecting any and all drainage channels and the like, while also ensuring that access points are built into your driveway design.

Having the right type of foundation in place is imperative because your driveway is a surface that will have cars and vehicles moving across it and parked on it for many years to come. If the driveway is going to be level with an existing garden area or any paths, then you will have to remove at least 150-300mm of soil. For that, you might want to consider hiring a skip, or check with your driveway contractor as they will often have factored this extra cost into their quote.


Not surprisingly, the more complicated the design of your driveway, the more expensive it will be. Less common designs such as sloping driveways or curving driveways will definitely cost more than a level and straightforward (literally) design. That is because drainage needs to be taken into consideration, along with the amount of material needed for the foundations and the top surface – there is more area to cover with a curved driveway than a straight one, for example. You will also need to take into consideration the cost of soft landscaping around the design, and, if you are completely changing the shape of your driveway, then you will need to factor in the cost of completely removing the old one.


When it comes to driveways, there are many different types of materials on the market today for homeowners to choose from, and they all come with different price tags. Bricks or pavers will provide a beautiful finish to a driveway, but they come at a much higher cost. Polished concrete or concrete that has been brushed or stamped to resemble pavers is a great option worth considering, with asphalt and gravel also among the other common options. It all depends on your individual preference, but if you are looking for a low maintenance, hardwearing material, then a concrete aggregate finish is probably more cost effective in the long run.