Combining Exposed Aggregate With A Modern Backyard

Exposed aggregate has been one of the hottest styles in Melbourne recently.  Its extensive variety of styles and durability makes it a fantastic fit for driveways and pathways alike. The best part about exposed aggregate in Melbourne homes though is how well it can be matched and contrasted with the surrounding landscape to further improve the gardens aesthetic. Here are some of the many ways you can do that – as well as some ways that you can use exposed aggregate concrete to compliment some of the features of your backyard.

Plan around the concrete

A popular landscaping theme is to just have a large patch of concrete in the centre of your backyard, taking up the majority of the space. This is where exposed aggregate’s wide variety of colours and pebble combinations can be utilised perfectly. Make this not only the literal centre of your backyard but the feature of it. Having a small island of grass off to the side with a small palm tree will also add a tropical feeling to the yard.

Setting up a small seating arrangement on the concrete and then bordering it with grass – whether it be real or fake grass is up to you – or some flowerbeds will create a great contrast and add colour. You can also switch the layout and do the opposite instead. Having a grass patch in the centre with exposed aggregate acting as the border instead. It will basically be like having a walkway around the grass, but you can still have seating and tables set up on the grass patch.


Consider multiple levels

If you’re looking to add some real depth to your backyard then why not go for some raised areas. The beauty of exposed aggregate is that it can be done on vertical surfaces as well as horizontal. This will give your yard a unique layer of aesthetic value as well as an individual identity that will look fantastic. You can have a small area raised with some steps leading up to it and can even add some grass to the raised area.

The defiant and weather resistant qualities of the concrete make it perfect to be used for raised areas as it will be heavily exposed to the elements. Putting exposed aggregate on steps is also a beneficial idea as the rugged surface gives you a lot more grip than a polished concrete surface. Exposed aggregate is a non-slip surface which is exactly what you want for not only a flat surface but also steps – especially when it’s a wet surface.


Use it around your pool

The non-slip qualities of exposed aggregate are perfect for the pool area. With so much water being splashed around onto the concrete, you’ll want to make sure that the pool has a gripping surface for everyone to walk around on, whilst still retaining a modern look. A bonus feature is that you can match your concrete with the colour of your pool for a more complete look.

Laying down the same exposed aggregate throughout your backyard as you have around your pool is a fabulous way to achieve a neutral look. Whether you have a gate around your pool or not, the concrete will just follow through and blend in with your pool surrounding, giving a more one-piece sort-of feel to it. In addition, you can have a quick border of different coloured exposed aggregate surrounding the pool to for some contrast.


Adding decking

Combining concrete with wooden decking is a fantastic idea to marry the old with the new. This can include a full deck setup on a raised platform with an exposed aggregate lower ground area, or even something as simple as having little patches of wooden planks in between the concrete for a contrasting effect. It’s important to keep in mind that if you go with the latter suggestion, the wooden planks will not have as good a grip as the exposed aggregate.


Looking for exposed aggregate contractors in Melbourne

If you’re looking for quality contractors that specialise in exposed aggregate in Melbourne, then A Better Driveway is the place for you. With fully qualified and experienced exposed aggregate contractors, we’re able to tackle any landscaping job for your front or backyard. Some of our other specialties also include coloured and textured concrete if you’re looking for something a bit different.


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