How To Craft Your Own Bonsai Garden In 5 Steps

Bonsai trees are an ancient and gentle plant that promote peace and prosperity. Whilst they were made famous in the west by the Karate Kid movies in the 1980s, they have existed in Japanese culture for almost a thousand years. Not only are they a great hobby to get in to, but they also look fantastic.

Here at A Better Driveway, we believe that a great complementary element to a bonsai tree or garden is Melbourne exposed aggregate concrete. The endless possibilities and varieties that are available when it comes to exposed aggregate mean that you can match it to your bonsai garden in several different ways. For today’s blog, we’re going to be looking at the elements required to craft a bonsai garden in your own backyard.

1.    Landscaping

Whilst some people say that it’s enough to have a rough idea of how you’ll want to set everything out – it’s important to keep in mind that the more detail and knowledge you know – the easier it’ll be to do it. That being said, some people get their best inspiration and ideas whilst they’re doing a job, so it’s really up to you on how you want to approach it in that sense.

The easiest style of bonsai garden you can do features exposed aggregate concrete with multiple pedestals holding individual bonsai plants. With this open concept, you’ll want to ensure the plants and the pedestals are firmly secured though to combat any winds or intense rain that may knock them off.

The other approach is to create a scenic garden with waterfalls and bonsai trees planted amongst it all. Think about the miniature scale bonsai gardens – it’s sort of similar to that but on a larger scale. A bonsai garden such as this will take a lot more time and effort, however.


2.    Pick your bonsai

There are several different styles of bonsai that you can choose for your garden – each with their own perks. Bonsai varieties that are suited for the outdoors include Japanese maple and Juniper bonsai. Because bonsai trees are generally planted in such small pots, they don’t have much room for nutrients. So, this needs to be taken into account when selecting your trees as they’ll be needing a bit more care out in the elements.


3.    Acquire materials

Depending on the style of garden you’re going to go with you’ll need different things. If you’re looking at crafting a more elaborate garden with water features such as a waterfall or pond – then you’ll need to organise the appropriate plumbing and hardware to facilitate that. For these more elaborate gardens you’ll need to dedicate a lot of time to perfecting it and won’t be as easy as a simple, pedestal bonsai garden.

If you’re looking to secure your pedestals to the ground, then you can either have them made from scratch on the exposed aggregate surface – which is the more costly option – or, you can secure them into the concrete with bolts. Using bolts or ground screws is a lot cheaper but won’t look as seamless or as aesthetically pleasing – which is something to keep in mind if you know that’ll bother you.


4.    Putting down the base and planting

Now that you have all your materials, you can have a professional from A Better driveway lay down your exposed aggregate concrete base. With thousands of different combinations to choose from you’ll be able to match your concrete floor to your garden perfectly. Once the concrete base is down, then you can get to work on the rest of your garden. Bonsai need special types of soil that can effectively feed it nutrients as well as provide excellent drainage. The right soil will go a long way in ensuring your bonsai lives a long life.


5.    Maintenance

Bonsai trees require heavy maintenance on their own – but if you’re planning to create an ecosystem for them outside then they’ll require even more attention. Be sure to trim your bonsai tree accordingly. When it comes to watering them, routines are not advised. You should only water a bonsai tree if it looks like it needs it. This could mean a few days without water.


Are you looking for Melbourne exposed aggregate concrete?

Here at A Better Driveway, we understand the importance and serenity that comes with a bonsai garden. That’s why we believe that every Melbourne bonsai garden should have an equally as amazing exposed aggregate base to complement.

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