11 Great Concrete Trends For Your Front Yard

If you’re looking for a fresh new way to upgrade your home, then why not consider concrete? With so many different types of concrete you can have laid down, you can turn your front yard into a grand spectacle without going to the effort of making elaborate gardens. Whether it’s a neutral industrial look you’re after or a more colour-driven fun aesthetic, you’ll be able to achieve it using the various types of concrete that are popular today. Your Melbourne concrete driveway won’t be the only concrete part of your front yard after you’ve seen these fantastic, concrete-driven ideas.

1.    Concrete tiles

Square slabs of concrete evenly spaced, leading towards your doorway is a fantastic idea and one that you can spice up with different types of concrete. For a more stylish effect, instead of having grass surround the raised slabs, try small pebbles and rocks instead.


2.    Cinder blocks

You can use cinder blocks instead of bricks to create fences and gardening beds. But you can also use them individually as gardening beds. If you create a raised garden bed where the barrier is made of cinder blocks, you can have some blocks sticking out of the barrier and place plants in them. That way you have a multi-levelled garden with some concrete style.


3.    Concrete planters

Whether they’re hanging or floor standing, pots of made of concrete can be great houses for plants and flowers and match your front yard fabulously – whether your yard is concrete-heavy or not.


4.    Concrete walls

Fences and walls are a staple way to keep-up privacy in your home. Tall, concrete walls are no exception. These work especially well if the exterior of your house is of a similar look as it’s always wise to match your front fence to the outside of your home. That being said, there are no rules for this, and you can go ahead and have yourself an exposed aggregate wall to match your Melbourne concrete driveway.


5.    Statement pieces

Putting concrete statement pieces in your front yard can draw a lot of attention if that’s what you’re going for. These can be things as simple as fountains or even statues of people or objects. Place this in the middle of some grass for a big contrast.


6.    Combining concrete

If you’re feeling adventurous, why not combine different types of concrete? You can have a stamped concrete driveway in Melbourne and then border it with some coloured concrete pieces to create a contrast. This sort of thing is only limited by your imagination, especially when it comes to selecting exposed aggregate materials.

7.    Pergola

A pergola is a great statement piece for your front or even backyard. You can build it over the walkway from the front of your house to the porch, or even from your garage to your house – if you have a separate garage building that is a bit of a distance away. These can be completely concrete and either covered or uncovered. If you decide to cover them with a solid roof then, it adds practicality to the structure as well.


8.    Body of water

You can dig out some ground and create a little river with some pebbles and maybe some fish inside just before your porch and then build a concrete walkway to act as a bridge. Alternatively, a small lake in the middle or off to the side of your front yard with a concrete feature in the middle.


9.    Entirely concrete

This may seem like an obvious one but there’s a lot you can do with just a flat slab of concrete as your driveway. It keeps your front yard looking very minimalistic and low maintenance. Pair this with a concrete fence and it’s a great area for the kids to play in.


10. Go for a dessert effect

No grass patches, just concrete, small orange rocks and dirt. You can add some small plants or trees that have a little green on them. This goes particularly well with grey-scale concrete homes.


11. Japanese influence

There’s a lot of influence you can take from Japan. Rock gardens, small ponds and even having square or rectangular slabs of concrete placed evenly as walkways but over a body of water with exotic plants surrounding.


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