7 Fun Concrete DIYs To Try This Easter

As experts in residential and commercial hardscaping – particularly when it comes to designing a concrete driveway in Melbourne – we thought we’d mix it up today to bring you some fun Easter DIYs. Whether you have some leftover concrete lying around, or you’re particularly inspired to create some long-lasting crafts, these incredible DIYs are sure to add a touch of class and luxury to any home setting.


#1: Easter-themed egg table decorations

Whether you’re looking for a creative DIY paperweight or perhaps just some quirky table decorations, these concrete Easter bunnies (via look-what-i-made.com) are sure to tickle your fancy. The copper detailing is modern yet simplistic, and the bunnies are so easy to make that soon you’ll have a whole collection of them.


#2: Rustic egg holders

These textured egg holders (via shelterness.com) are durable and stylish, especially for minimalist kitchens. Like the concrete Easter bunnies, these egg holders are very simple to make! All you’ll need to do is create a mould from a small cardboard box and use an egg to make a shaped impression into the cement. After the concrete sets, you can remove the egg and paint your new egg holder or leave it as is.


#3: Egg-shaped concrete candle holders

Candle holders don’t get much more inventive than this. We loved these egg-shaped candle holders with gold paint on the inside. These candle holders aren’t just good for Easter, either – they’ll fit right in with any sci-fi lover’s home décor. They can even be used to decorate the house on Halloween!


#4: Minimalist egg tray

You can make this minimalist egg tray in a very similar way to DIY #2 on this list. The best part about this egg tray is that it is not just specific to Easter, and is a long-lasting utensil that you can enjoy using for years to come. Come Eastertime, you can fill this tray up with chocolates (or boiled eggs) and use this tray as your fancy new table centrepiece.


#5: Concrete cake stand

For those who enjoy baking at Easter, a cake stand is always useful. These concrete cake stands with changeable bases (via diyfurniturestudio.com) are particularly great for those who like to change things up every so often. Because these cake stands do not have legs embedded into the concrete, it is easy to swap out the supporting leg for one that looks different. This makes the cake stand versatile enough for any kind of event or colour scheme!


#6: Fancy concrete eggs (with treats inside!)

Sometimes it’s nice to get creative with simple things. Instead of giving someone a box of chocolates for Easter this year, we loved this DIY treat box in the shape of an Easter egg. This one is not actually made from concrete, but we think you could get extra creative with this idea and make a thin concrete egg that can be cracked open to reveal the goodies inside.


#7: Table cloth clips

Easter lunch is all about having loved ones over for a hearty meal and laughter. In fact, it’s likely that you are planning to set up some tables in the backyard, where everyone can sit together. It all goes well until a gust of wind blows the tablecloth up and spills whatever was on it. Luckily for you, there’s a great concrete DIY for that problem!

These easy-to-make table cloth clips (via Pinterest) are cute and handy. They’re also easy to decorate – and if you’re really getting into the Easter spirit, why not shape the concrete like mini eggs?


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