Advantages of Raised Garden Beds

If you’ve thinking about doing away with your lawn or experimenting with hardscaping, then you’ve probably come across raised garden beds. Although they take a little bit of effort to set up, this landscaping technique has a number of advantages and creates a truly modern yardscape. In this article, we take a look at just some of the reasons why you should consider landscaping with raised garden beds.

raised garden beds

Minimises pests and weeds

Brining up the height of your garden bed makes it harder for insects and wildlife to access. Weed management is also much easier in a contained bed, as you can simply pluck out errant weeds as you walk by. Because your soil is above ground level, it isn’t vulnerable to weeds that creep and spread across the ground surface.


Ideal drainage

These beds allow for optimal soil drainage, simplify irrigation and drastically reduce erosion. They are perfect if you have soil that is prone to waterlogging, or want to conserve water with a targeted drip system.


Optimal temperature

Raised beds warm up faster than the ground, so you get a longer spring growing seasons and also have the option to install low tunnels or cold frames that artificially extend the life of spring and summer plants well into the colder months.


Increases accessibility

Whilst gardening at ground level places a physical strain on your back and knees, a raised garden bed presents no such problems and is thus ideal for older individuals, differently abled people, and those with back problems.


Better soil quality

Raised garden beds are fantastic for soil quality and are particularly good if you are restricted from growing edible plants as a result of soil contamination, or those who have heavy clay or sandy soil. Because you get to insert your own soil, you can create the perfect growing conditions for your crops, and protect your plants from soil borne diseases.


A modern garden

This kind of hardscaping creates a thoroughly modern garden landscape that is both practical and aesthetically pleasing. These containers are a fantastic way to shape your yard and define particular areas, they also make it easy to do away with the lawn by shifting the green space from the ground to eye level.


If you’re considering setting up raised garden beds in your backyard, then an exposed aggregate ground surface is the perfect way to compliment this bold modern design and add further polish to your garden. A Better Driveway installs exposed aggregate surfaces around Melbourne. To learn more, please call 03 5783 4746.