5 Sure-fire Ways to Ruin Your Driveway

The humble suburban driveway is a much abused feature in most Melbournian homes. In this article, we take a look at 4 of the most common things we do that damages our concrete driveways and how to avoid them.

  1. Letting nature take its course
    Tree roots and weeds are famous in the industry for their ability to undo even the best laid concrete driveways. As tree roots grow, they tend to exert pressure on the concrete structure and cause it to upheave and crack. When cracks appear, weeds become a problem as their root systems widen the cracks and make it harder to repair. It’s hard to manage tree root problems once a driveway is installed, so it’s important to transplant trees before you install the concrete to ensure it’s longevity. Weed management is a far simpler process and involves plucking out weeds as soon as they appear in the cracks and then sealing them up at the first opportunity.
  1. Failing to fill in cracks as they appear
    Hairline cracks are an inevitability with concrete, and it’s important to address them as soon as they appear. When a crack appears, it enables water to penetrate the surface and begin the deterioration process which leads to more cracks and ultimately, irreparable damage. Preventing crack related damage is easy and involves patching cracks as soon as they appear. Resealing can also help prevent cracking and it is recommended that you reseal your driveway once every two years.
  1. Leaving stains
    Although concrete sealer helps protect the surface from stains, it is important to mop up spills like oil and gasoline as soon as they occur as discolouration is a distinct possibility if they are left on too long. If discolouration does occur, then there are a number of commercially available chemicals you can use to clean it, but these can also weaken the concrete seal.
  1. Cutting costs on installation
    Probably the biggest mistake that home owners make with their driveways is choosing to go with a budget contractor who doesn’t do a proper job on the installation. Contrary to popular belief, not all concrete contractors are made equally and you really do get what you pay for and investing just a little bit extra in who you hire could mean the difference between a driveway that lasts two years and one that lasts ten.

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