5 Alternative Features for your Garden

As Melbourne-based driveway experts, we love to look at gardens and the different ways people express themselves through incredible features and designs – which is why we thought we’d detail five alternative stand-out garden features if you’re looking for a different aesthetic for your garden.


1.     Japanese pond

Truly a distinctive and rare feature to see in many gardens around Melbourne – a Japanese pond is a steady project that will keep you busy for a while and also requires heaps of maintenance over its lifetime. The great thing about Japanese ponds is that it won’t feel like a chore to maintain as the individuality of such a garden feature invites serenity and peaceful routine.

These types of ponds also don’t have to be extravagant as Japanese ponds come in all shapes and sizes. Choose the style and features that will suit your yard best – whether it is a small pond with some koi fish and lily pads scattered around graciously or a more exotic stone waterfall and/or fountain.


2.     Tile arrangements

Have you ever thought of adding a subtle piece of art to your backyard? Something that not everyone will notice – but something you will always know is there? With tiles, you can create a shape or design that will only be recognised when viewed from certain angles. You might think you’ll need a large space for this – and it will help for larger designs – but this is still achievable with smaller gardens.

The surroundings can be filled with either grass or even contrasting smaller pebbles. The tiles themselves are available in a variety of different materials or colours allowing you to achieve the design you desire.


3.     Synthetic grass

Synthetic grass isn’t so much a rare feature as it is a highly recommended one. Maintaining a genuine lawn can be a lot of effort and a lot of it goes to waste since Australia is a dry country to begin with. But with synthetic grass, you won’t have to worry about any of that. There’s no watering or mowing involved because it will always stay green and the same length.

Whilst there is a bit of an initial cost involved – synthetic grass will last anywhere between 15 – 25 years with some minimal maintenance. The only real regular maintenance that should be done is sweeping debris and small aggregates off of it every couple of weeks to avoid a build-up. You should be sweeping against the grass’ natural position to bring it into an upright position.


4.     Vertical garden

Creating a sprawling and exquisite vertical garden is an absolute must. It offers an additional dimension to your garden and there’s endless potential in terms of style and design aesthetics that can be followed. Two classic vertical garden types our driveway experts recommend involve cinder blocks and a trellis/fence.

A cinderblock vertical garden will require a cinder block (or a similar material) wall with some blocks sticking outwards – offering slots for the plants to sit in. The second is more of a DIY aesthetic as you will be tying pot plants to a fence or trellis. It’s easy to do and allows you to tie a myriad of different types of pots to the base.


5.     Garden bench

Featuring an old-school, stone garden bench in your yard (front or back) creates a gorgeous aesthetic that harks back to Victorian-era England and also invites a unique opportunity for surrounding decorations. You could plant medium-large sized shrubberies and flowers around the bench and create a cosy little oasis that’s hidden from the rest of the garden. Add a few cushions (make sure they’re durable enough to survive the elements for the upcoming summer) and you can sit and relax with a good book or just take in the ambience.


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