4 Unique Garden Styles To Consider

One of the best parts about planting a garden in your yard is that there are so many different styles and designs you can opt for that will make it uniquely your own. You can even choose to design your garden in such a way that it complements your exposed aggregate driveway if you wish. The possibilities are truly endless – which is why we’re going to be highlighting four unique garden styles that you should consider.


1.     Vertical garden

As the name suggests, a vertical garden is one that climbs vertically as opposed to being spread out across the land. One of our favourite types of vertical gardens involves combining any material such as concrete, stone or timber with your plants to craft a gorgeous ascending garden wall. This design features little slots that stick out of the wall and are just big enough to hold individual plants. They can even be a bit larger if you’d like to fit multiple plants into a single slot.

One of the clever benefits of such a garden as this is that it works great for small backyards since it’s not taking up any real estate – you’re essentially just adding to already established walls. For a low budget/DIY effect you can always just grab some rope or cable ties and attach some pot plants/planters to a fence. Both of these ideas work great when placed at the end of your exposed aggregate driveway – giving you something to admire when you arrive home.


2.     Hanging garden

This is almost an offshoot of the vertical garden, but we thought it deserved its own category nonetheless because a hanging garden really can be so magical. Depending on how you tackle it, it can fit into an angelic, royal environment or a casual, rustic one and anything in between.

Simply purchase/make some planters and string them up with any rope/rope-like material. You can also try some fantastic design patterns with the rope you use depending on how you tie it. Hanging planters are great for greenhouses, decks, verandas and even pergolas – anywhere with a stable ceiling where they can be hung from. Just make sure they’re easily accessible for maintenance and nurturing.


3.     Stacked raised garden beds

We’ve spoken a bit about raised garden beds in the past and honestly, what’s not to love about them? They provide distinct areas for your plants, they have effective drainage and they’ll also greatly minimise the chances of your plants drowning during a flood. But you can also get pretty creative with them by stacking them – essentially creating a multi-levelled garden bed.

The shapes of the beds – as well as the order in which you stack them – is entirely up to you. The obvious restriction with this option is that – depending on the size of the garden beds – stacking multiples can take up quite a bit of room so ensure you have sufficient space before committing.


4.     Vine garden

There are a few visuals that come to mind when we say vine garden. In a way, it can really be classified as a type of vertical garden as well – but it carries enough of its own merits with it to warrant its own category. If you have an elaborate trellis arch over your exposed aggregate driveway then looking into some climbing plants such as wisteria or bambino dwarf bougainvillea to brighten up the arch is a splendid idea that’ll end up looking gorgeous – especially if it’s well pruned.

Another example of a vine garden would be using varieties such as creeping fig or star jasmine on your home’s exterior – adding a distinctive layer of style to your kerb appeal or even your backyard. Feel free to form the plants into different shapes or symbols for that extra individual touch.


Are you looking for an exposed aggregate driveway?

Now is the perfect time to get your garden up and running with stage four restrictions being in place. But, no matter what style of garden you choose, a nice, durable exposed aggregate driveway is warranted on any home. The sheer number of possible colour and design combinations available when you opt for an exposed aggregate driveway reveals the endless potential that will perfectly complement your home and garden or act as a stark contract – making it the centre of attention.

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