4 Steps to Maximise your Driveway Security

With the holiday season fast approaching, you may be planning a family getaway for the summer months. Whether you’re embarking on a road trip to the coast, or plan to take a well-deserved break overseas, it’s important to fortify your home security before leaving. While there are many technologies to install within the home, it’s also a good idea to invest in security measures for your outdoor area and driveway in Melbourne. Read on for 4 examples of driveway security that will benefit your home.

driveway security

Outdoor alarm systems

Outdoor alarms are a great way to protect your home’s various entrance points, as well as garages, sheds and other outbuildings. There are a range of outdoor alarms on the market, including silent wireless alarms and battery operated alarms which are able to alert you to intruders via remotely accessible technology, and also siren or strobe alarms which aim to scare off intruders and alert your neighbours. Outdoor alarms are a great way to deter and keep track of would-be thieves, and many can be DIY installed in your Melbourne driveway.

 Motion sensing lights

Motion sensing lights are another great way to up your driveway security. You can choose to line your driveway with built in guiding lights that light up as people move past, or you may want to invest in a motion sensing floodlight. For the best results, ensure that these lights remain on for at least a minute after being tripped.


Installing CCTV camera in your driveway is a great way to improve driveway security and keep an eye on the perimeter of your house while you are away. And, if you can’t afford a high-tech CCTV system, you can even install a decoy system to give intruders the impression that your house and surrounding areas are being monitored.

 A sturdy gate

 Another great way to maximise the security of your property is by installing a tall, sturdy gate at the beginning of your driveway. An electronic remote-control gate fitted with technology such as CCTV cameras and an intercom system will increase your security and help to deter intruders.

By fitting your Melbourne driveway with the latest in security technology, you will be able to rest easy knowing your property is properly protected. At A Better Driveway, we design and build modern driveways in Melbourne that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also keep your security concerns in mind.

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